Messy ink

A whole etching day at the studio with my friend.
I begin with some pictures while it's quiet, later it will become very busy with some more engravers. This workspace is a bit rough, but there are some great press there and the light is perfect. 
 Someone put a new towel for us, a sweet companionship while drying our paper before holding the plates underneath the press.
Everything is ready for our working ritual...



To infinity and beyond

A new week throughout daily routine.
Back home I'm browsing among files and books on my shelves...
The last picture is from one of the self-published books of
I'm thrilled by this wacky world and his sense of nonsense.


really ?

I'm Learning slowly to enjoy this rough town where I live now.
Sometimes it's as easy as a ramble with a friend looking at the unsophisticated beauty across the city.



In a sporadic and intangible way, the travels I've made, and the ones I've not made yet, are a part of my everyday world.


a slight touch of pink

 As we were walking along the shore
a black seabird, all of a sudden, dived into the sea and never reappeared.

out and about

My friend Marine has got a new camera.
We went for a brisk walk on a safari photo.
Even though it was the first day we switched on a true winter chill.
As I went back home I was supposed to be answering all my mails...
Instead of that, I simply enjoyed the moments I spent looking at some


The Do and some prints...

That's what I'd like to share today...
I like "The Do" a lot but even more now as I've seen them in Marseille  ... 
 Their on-stage performance was truly impressive
 if you want a peek on their music
My friend Marine made a series of new original prints.
You can have a look 

Ma photo
VAR, France
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