So many things around without even looking for it.
These happy feelings are the best way to go on.
Let's focus on a new day work.



from a certain distance

as it was gently sparkling in the shallow water, the jellyfish was a Lucky find.
In a different way, Ghost Culture live, this week-end in Toulon, as well.



I'm dreaming of spaceflights

as I wander along.
The incredible art of Katie Paterson makes me happy.
Especially when a meteorite is shifting towards space in her project called Campo del cielo


Within the interstices

...slight distortions are secreted.
 Many layers of residual memories.
They gently dice a zone of comfort, preventing from the impact of reality.
My sketchbooks pages are interwoven with a whole range of this mundane medium.


Fairy tale

Land of dreams or sad stories, who knows ?
The scenery is settled.
If only a magic wand could set aside any kind of anxiety.




Ready for a bit of a happy hodgepodge.
I finished my latest skechbook.
I'm eager to begin a new one...



serendipity and good mood for everyone... and, of course, some more pictures of Lisbon. It does sound perfect for the week-end.

Ma photo
VAR, France
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