close-ups and other scales of the day.

Hmm, that boat again...
A peek on the plate I'm working on.
And, the new winged friend we made, while we were fidgeting in our seats.



First swim

Among a handful of people
 we're strolling along the stone lined path to the sea.
We won't never be tired of such mornings.


Safari photo

Pushing myself to take a stroll more often.
Spring is just right for getting back into countless rambles with friends.
Wide open eyes, we're talking about inspiration and process.



So many things around without even looking for it.
These happy feelings are the best way to go on.
Let's focus on a new day work.



from a certain distance

as it was gently sparkling in the shallow water, the jellyfish was a Lucky find.
In a different way, Ghost Culture live, this week-end in Toulon, as well.



I'm dreaming of spaceflights

as I wander along.
The incredible art of Katie Paterson makes me happy.
Especially when a meteorite is shifting towards space in her project called Campo del cielo

Ma photo
VAR, France
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