Loire valley

Too much coffee, already.
Outside, an incredible downpours of rain.
 I'm still sorting out some pictures to make a bunch of prints.
Around Angers castle everything seemed so quiet that day.
 It was hard,  Nonetheless, to imagine, that many wars could have been fought here. So many stories...
Also, I had the chance to see one huge masterpiece tapestry  about apocalyps. Maybe I'd post some other peeks later.



This year, I applied for a workshop in another town on the other side of the bay.
 The good thing is this precious moment I spend on the boat thinking about what's going on in my new works
 and getting some fresh inspiration.

wandering along way too many files...

I remember this summer walk .
 Always surprised by countryside, as I am a city girl, I like to peek some inspiring elements. There, I've met a curious lady.   And I have made a few stamps as backgrounds for a little sketchbook,  then, I've lost it somewhere... 


winter light

But summery feel around, in my workspace...

Beware of the cliff...

and some lovers birds.
Here are some elements of my visual diary I 'd like to share with you today.
How I feel to be back by this place... as if I were teleported
But, hmm,  it's good though!
Hello hello!


The sea of tranquility


There was a terrible traffic in Marseille.
 We were lost but we ended up coming across exciting places.
Out of the car everything became perfect.
I couldn't be tired of exploring this versatile city.
Some spots :
Mamo is a new galerie where you can see Xavier Veilhan sculptures on le Corbusier rooftop
Fotokino is great and Paul Cox as well !
The FRAC a contemporary art centre by japanese architect Kengo Kuma  :
 The Hans op de beeck exhibition is totally worth




It seems it has been forever !
I've moved again
still South but a new place
I've got a new workspace
New projects
It's nice to be back here and to write a quick post while preparing an exhibition with friends.

Ma photo
VAR, France
Hello, Here I'm musing and sharing my visual diary, my mood and my inspiration. Thanks for visiting this small place. Drop me few words when you have a moment. I'm very curious to read your feeling and to discover who is passing by...

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