this is not antipodes islands

This is my home


I'm happy to see you here although I didn't post anything for a whole season...
Summer is ending yet.
 I guess I had yesterday my latest swim and sunburn of the year, at the lake.

How are you enjoying these few last days before fall

Have you seen this beautiful world wide art project of Alice.
I'm glad to participate myself with this sending above.
a combinaison of polaroid/letter/free hand typo/drawing 
Many attractive elements to me...
What about you ?

3 commentaires:

paula catao a dit…

This project is great, I have already sent my polaroid and my letter to Alice.. you know my feelings about real letters!!!

yours is fantastic!

Bohemian girl a dit…

Bon soir, Lilie,

I read your letter at Alice's site and I liked it and I also liked how you conceived it playfully.


lilie-melo a dit…

pAULA Yes I like to participate in such inspiring projects. As usual it took me a long time before I did it but I had fun... as I have now while preparing one soonish flying letter for you.


Ahoj Magda
thankk you for reading my letter at Alice's site. I'm truly glad if you found it interesting.
It's nice to see you here from a very beloved country of mine...

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