On Etsy now

I made them at first as presents for friends.
They are made from some of my linocut prints added into small collages, using some different papers and a beautiful vintage cotton ribbon ...
I like the idea that some of my drawings will live a new life as friendly companions of creativity.
I've already shown them on my flickr and some people asked me where they could find them.
I just begun yesterday to post my handmade notebooks and few little objects to sell them.
I will still add some prints, and some buttons or magnets or stickers...
I hope you will like my new stuff !
you can check it out at :
I'd be glad to know what you think about it,
Feel free to leave any comment, I really apreciate to read you !

2 commentaires:

gracia a dit…

Wonderful! I shall pop over to etsy and take a long look.
see you, grache

lilie-melo a dit…

dear Gracia, oooh sorry for the belated thanks but I'm sincerely glad to see you here

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