Bye-bye Paris, Hello blog, hello you !

It's always hard for me to leave this darling town and all its treasures at each corner of the street.
I was lucky to have long walks beneath a friendly sky which made this autumn break very sweet with my friends and beloved ones.
I was away from my blog and yours much more longer than I would have expected...
I missed this special place and I missed you.
I have so much to show, I don't know how to begin.
So here are the latest pictures of nice spots I had on my recent travel.
Nice universes I had the pleasure to discover.
Other photos may follow soon !
I have a special thought to "le petit atelier de paris" wich was well placed on my to-do-list, I love their creations so much and my daughter wanted to visit Pompon, their dog, the niciest one ever !
I was hesitating about car or train. I was happy to travel by train, I didn't for ages and I love this extra time left around. Perfect time for daydreams, reading... well, not so much on the way back, I was just captivated by the foggy windows.
have a nice day.
Thank you to pass by here !

2 commentaires:

Fruenswerk a dit…

I have been to Paris twice...A very cool city :)))

lilie-melo a dit…

I'd love to visit Danemark...at least once :)

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