During these quiet days after christmas it's good to find some time for sewing and crocheting little things, I don't know, though, if it worth to be shown more than this little peek !
After days of heavy rain, the week-end finally was more shiny and the sky was wearing the most delicate pink in the evening.
The fabulous bird is a picture from last week.
As I was carrying some stuff for my mother moving, I noticed this mosaic in the entrance of a very ordinary building. I was rather bored by the amount of work I still had to achieve... but this gave me some good energy to continue till the end of the day.

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la casita a dit…

I like your bits of crochet things...well worth it to show :)

paula catao a dit…

I can see you in the mosaic!
Your crochet things are great and I think doing that it's one kind of meditation. Wish I can do that , but I'm not very good at these kind of works.

Bohemian girl a dit…

Thank you for a nice visit. When did you live in Czech Republic and how long? Did you like it?

The mosaic is beautiful, I am interested in finding the forgotten ones in the city, they are, like this one, on ordinary buildings or those not very pretty ones.

lilie-melo a dit…

Thank you la casita, I still have to work on these to be happy with how they turn out ! then I may take some pictures later ;)


Paula, that's it, I like this kind of time sometimes... creating handmade stuff while dreaming awake...


Hello,dear Bohemian girl, I leaved czech Republic already Five years ago, I used to live there few years... Three years in Brno, where my daughter is born...
then, two years in prague smichov
( above Stahovem ). I miss awfully this country where I left good friends and wonderful memory...
My son was three then, and went to skolku in brno where nobody was talking french, he could easily speak czech witout any accent with the kind attention of his "super ucitelka" but he forgot everything as easily as we went back to France !
Uz nemuzu napsat dobrou cestinu, nevzpominam skoro kazdy slova ale skusim ! tak preju vam vsechno nejhezsi and nejlepsi pro 2010 vazena pritelkine :)
I'm truly glad to discover your blog !

at swim-two-birds a dit…

thanks a lot for your nice words,
didn't noticed the last image is a mosaic, lovely, i can see your reflection in it, nice to meet you!! :)

andrea tachezy a dit…

Dear Lilie - Mélo, thank you for your lovely czech comment. Your czech is good, as I can read here! Wish you a lovely year 2010!

lilie-melo a dit…

at-swim-to-birds, it's nice to see you around :) I'm really glad to meet you !
Dekuji moc Andrea ;)

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