...And inspiring caligrams or linocut.

On a bright chilled day... I put a beautiful king cake in the oven
In the newspaper was written that january 18th is the most depressive day of the year.
Luckily it's over... though everything went fine here.
I hope it was the same with you !

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la casita a dit…

wow that king cake looks fantastic...are those with little ceramic figurine inside?
I dunno about the 18th I feel a bit low but is the lack of sun and not going out much...I think...not to mention the news...

lilie-melo a dit…

yes, and the one who get it into ones piece of cake get the crown as well and can choose a queen or a king. It's a kind of sweet moment to share with kids, they love it and don't understand how possible... each time, they get the trinket.
hmm, about the 18th I know it sounds very unsuitable when you see the big cataclysm which happened... but that's a kind of reality in our preserved world.
As the word disaster which was written in the same newspapers to talk about our snowy winter !

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