I went to Nice last week-end, and didn't remember
 I should rather avoid this area because of Carnival.
Well, I could actually check out that I don't truly like
 the crowd and this fake atmosphere.
It's a real business here, not much fun
and you cannot even just walk free in it !
they put fences and policemen all around !
 I hadn't my camera with me but I didn't have any frustration ...
It made me think I had these pictures from last year,
 at the same period.
 my daughter was walking with her circus company in our little town.
-she changed her mind this year,
 she left her circus school for a ceramic workshop -
What I liked the most was the colorful details
 against the cold grayish mood
and the confettis walk.

I like the true and tender eye Nina Korhonen has put on her granny
...I couldn't find if she has her own site, here is just a peek, have a look
  (even if there's way too much advertising on these pages )

2 commentaires:

paula catao a dit…

Happy colours

lilie-melo a dit…

thank you Paula, I like these small happy events.

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