pizza party

We had fun altogether with the kids... and they almost forgot how hungry they were, so concentrated to finish the books at the end of this morning workshop at school !
Bon appetit !

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forgetmenotphotography a dit…

These are too cute!! Great post and blog!

gracia a dit…

Love those drawings, especially the ones with the people with the giant round tummies.

trui chielens a dit…

looks really niceee!

paula catao a dit…

These drawings are so fresh and happy!!!

lilie-melo a dit…

Hi forgetmenotphoto. thanks for passing by !
Dear gracia, I like them as well, it's nice to see what kids are creatings with ease with few simple elements, it's always inspiring and fun to have workshops with them.
hey, hellohello miss trui chielens, nice from you :)
Hi Paula, you know how pleasing it is to create these little books with children !

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