random elements for a succint post
In brief, a spontaneous message to you sweet visitant birds
who are flying over here...
in spite of the erratic winds which are blowing through this place.

-few special gifts
-three useless but good-luck-feathers painted on fabric scraps
-two fragile birdies
-and a wholly happy cloudy night
these are some aery treasures I'm sharing today with you

5 commentaires:

paula catao a dit…

Little details made our days.
And birds are so important to days. Sometimes we forget that, we don't pay attention to their messages.

la casita a dit…

the fluffy night clouds make me smile.
a little bird told me that small treasures make everyday life interesting.

lilie-melo a dit…

hello bird lover !
hello cloud maker !
ladies, both of you are knowing how to enhance everyday life with your magic and your special eye.

joanita a dit…

you have such a sweet blog !


lilie-melo a dit…

ohlala, thank you dear Joanita !

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