Damp resistant

This is our home. At last, still for few days.
I won't cry, I won't really miss the damp old house.

Hello new year, hello changes. Celebration is over.
Time to pack everything now and a new challenge...
How to put a whole load of things from a big house to a flat.
Then it will be time to ramble around the new neighbourhood
 and discover some good spots in a town I still don't know at all.

I'm wishing you all a sparkling year, many delightful projects
 and some irrepressible adventures wherever you are.


3 commentaires:

la casita a dit…

and a happy new beginning to you!

paula catao a dit…

Happy start and happy new year!!!

jean-christophe a dit…

Que ce soient des dessins ou des photo, tu fais toujours de belles images. Et qui plus est, elles sont toujours originales
Je te souhaite une très bonne année avec une inspiration toujours aussi vive

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