I'm ready for this.
I just have to find the brightest umbrella to face the drops and enlighten my field of vision
This time, though, is ideal
... to stroll along some museum's treasure
natural history may be a good choice.
 It's the right path to be simply mesmerized by nature's creation
I don't remember the name of these gems on the latest pictures
I took them on a rainy day in London
 but well, who really cares...
they are just perfect

It's the fitting season too
...to spend some more moments in front of the laptop
and to be drawn by some sweet projects
I was truly touched by the spirit of Camilla's one to celebrate her lovely Morran.
I made one drawing coloured with tempera
 I added a scan of my first etching as a special touch in the background
If you are interested to participate you can send her your contribution here

3 commentaires:

paula catao a dit…

Now we are having heavy rain here, so I need one umbrella!!!
Lovely images!

key tag printing a dit…

Wonderful photos. The second to the last one, what kind of rock is that?

A M B E R a dit…

I miss your updates to your blog! I love strolling through it. Of course, I can just look at your flickr photos, but I just thought I'd let you know that I love your blog too!

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