small events

September brings with him new smells, rhythm and mood.
Birds are feeling it before we do, it was amazing how they were everywhere just before the rain.
It's time again for quick back-from-school-snacks before savoring playful moments.
We were lucky enough to receive some simple delights given by a kind gardener... Yay for the figs and... a delicious lemon tart.
I had a colorful and surprising visitor while I was closing the shutters, he stayed here for the whole night.
And then, a very naughty smoke cloud I've seen from my window which was disturbing its closer neighborhood and the birds too.
Oh, It's friday... already ! 
Have a nice day

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Rita da Costa Aguiar a dit…

Hi, like your job :-)

I work with graphic and editorial design, graphic planning, book covers and other projects related to art in general.

I was missing a space where I could show my non-published works, my personal thoughts and points of view. So I've created I space where you could see a little bit more of myself

Please be free to check my work and leave you impressions, if you wish.



lilie-melo a dit…

Hi Rita, thanks for passing by.
Nice from you to let me know the link to your work.
It looks very interesting and I'm glad to discover it.

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