season's end postcard from Nice

After one first week back to work, trying on new prints... I will add some new things on my "temporary asleep" etsy shop.
 The week-end arrived and it's gone so fast.
It's always hard to me to leave my work space but I did have such a pleasant time with my family...
I moved here from Paris to south for one year, already, and I'm still amazed by the air sweetness of my birth town. I love to peek at the lively windows and  observing the moving light on the decayed colorful walls is an endless treat.
I'm enjoying september weekends better because the sun is still hot but cooler and the streets are less crowded now. 
Though there happened one terrible moment on this sunday...
I had to choose among an incredible amount of ice cream flavors, can you imagine the many temptations ?
Luckily I could taste my husband and children's ones
I tried myself the red pepper/vanilla, rather interesting experiment... nice rosy crunchy touch... I ate pepper for all the day long and I'm still tasting it now as I'm writing this !  
Have a spicy week !

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