I painted a little gift on wood and matched some words to the picture, I like to look at it in the morning to decide if it should stay like that or needs some changes.
I had a perfect moment looking at an idyllic sky in my coffee pot... my morning beverage tasted even better.
the neighbor gave me some pretty plants he brought from the mountain, it smells good, it looks beautiful and I can even use it for cooking experiment... I have to try it !
In my mailbox, I found the wonderful calendar made by Camilla Engman.
I ordered it just few days ago and was happily surprised to receive it yet...
You can get yours here
and be happy too

3 commentaires:

karin a dit…

Hi Lilie, the painting is superbe!
so many beautiful things to find in your latest posts and .....I tagged you.

Annika a dit…

Wonderful painting!

lilie-melo a dit…

hello there Karin ;)
hi Annika, thank you

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