11 details... little things to tell about
1. for clothes, lately, my favorite shop is comptoir des cotonniers but I can't afford as much as I'd like to... kookai is fine too
2. I found some of my furnitures on the sidewalk, then painted them, which is the best thing, I love when old things are getting a new life... I like flea markets too or sometimes Ikea as everyone does but I don't have one close to my new home !
3. Sweet... Homemade chocolate truffles.
4. the first city which comes to my mind is Prague, I lived there for few years and It's in my heart with my friends out there. Then, of course Paris... But I left it one year ago to live at seaside at south of France, near Nice. It's a wonderful place.
5. our latest summer beverage was grapefruit sirup with rose wine, but I like rather red wine.
6. I can't stop listening at Cocorosie. then Rio el medio, Electrelane, The Organ always make me happy among so many others, I love to listen music as I work.
7. My all times favorite tv series is Twin Peaks.
8. Some movies I liked a lot... Time of the gypsies from Emir kusturica, Lost in translation, Hiroshima mon amour, Mulholland drive... and much others more...
9. workout. walking with beloved people... and with my camera.
10. pastries I like the best are homemade cakes.
11. and I'm ending this by coffee. I drink it all the day long, too much, and each week I say I will change this bad habit but I can't stop.
Many Thanks to Karin who tagged me for the first time, it was a nice surprise.
though I didn't know who I could tag because I were such a blog tourist till now... and I had no idea about who would like it... so feel free to join, have fun and have the best weekend ever!

6 commentaires:

Veja cecilia a dit…

thanks for visiting my blog and leeding me to yours. Nice place and I like your stuff! I´ll be back:)

karin a dit…

Hello. The best clothes shops you chose there. I like very much what you write in your answers :)
Great weekend to you too.

lilie-melo a dit…

hello veja cecilia, you're welcome :)))
Karin, ohhh, it's already time for great week-end wishes ! be well !

andrea tachezy a dit…

Thank you for visiting my blog and for a nice comment. You´re always wellcome and I hope to meet you one day in Prague :-)

lilie-melo a dit…

andrea, nice to see you here... ahah, I'd be glad to see you in Prague :D

george a dit…

What a fantastic list. I can see why we get along. *smile*

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