A bunch of small elements from my "parisian story"

It was cold, really really very cold.
Anyhow, Paris has the strange power to warm up my heart so easily.
I walked everyday through the town, eyes wide open trying to see the most possible in one glance. I love the special mood of the city, and the surprises everywhere.
One place I had on my to-do-list was "Le petit atelier de Paris" It's a wonderful little shop where you can find the most fabulous ceramics which are designed and handmaid in their own workshop there. They are very sweet and Ponpon the dog is the loviest I've ever seen. It was terrible to make a choice, I just wanted everything... I'll show you later what I've chosen to bring with me... and some of the billions pictures I made during the vacations :)
From another walk ...The amazing sculpture of the couple was truly fantastic. It reminds me of the Camilla Engmann's world. It was raised in the courtyard of... the Hunting Museum. The subject didn't seem so attractive but we have been told later that it's worth being visited, maybe one next time... 
The ginkgoes at the corner of the street were sumptuous even if they were hiding a bit the Combas' mural painting.
The bird is a little fellow I sew for my friend Caty 
Now I'm back and I miss my friends already...
But The week-end was filled with happy time... The mesmerizing Alela Diane in concert, the nice surprise to recognize Gini there and the pleasure to meet her with regis before the concert, I'm looking forward seeing them soon.
The sun then, which was missing us after too much rain...
a New week and some new projects... Workshops with many children, I will make them doing their own book.
Then, on saturday I'll be participating at the book fair of st-laurent du var for my book "aux menus plaisirs" (éditions du Rouergue)
Have a nice day

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milenka the pyramids a dit…

OUIzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!j'espere kon va se revoir trés bientÔt!!!!

gini et régis et bébi

julie a dit…

A lovely post with great images.

karin a dit…

I like the Paris-photos. Haven't been there for...uhm perhaps 20 years.
The bird is cute. And this book-making workshop sounds great. really good idea to do with children :)

gini a dit…

hellO lilie....

comment ça va??
je fais une vente de noel a coursegoules demain (ce dimanche!) je sais que c'est un peu tard....voici mon email si tu veux me joindre


lilie-melo a dit…

Oops et re oops Gini et bises aussi.
A bientôt

Hey Julie thanks for your visit here!

Dear Karin, I was away for a while and it's nice to come back and see your message. I relly had fun to work with children, would post some pictures of their books here soon I think.

barb. a dit…


lilie-melo a dit…

hello barb :)

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