From my november workshops...
Each child made one illustration,
 I made one different cover, one unique story for each class and one book per child.
Finally, I brought the pretty piles to the schools... The big smile of the children made my day.
Their ideas and interpretations really amazed me.
Sorry for the bad pictures, the light was awful last week !!!
Have a shiny day everyone

6 commentaires:

julie a dit…

how wonderful. your illustrations are great!

Fernanda a dit…

lilie, you are so inspiring!
such a lovely idea!!!!

karin a dit…

The books look fantastic. I love how they are bound and the blue of the cover.

lilie-melo a dit…

He-hE Thanks Julie, indeed, the books are great, I was happy to see how it turned out !
The children made all the illustrations, I gave them the theme and I edited their drawings to make small stories and I added text. Then I made the bindings.

Fernanda, How nice to see you here.
you're always inspiring me with your wonderful polas

Karin, thank you so much for noticing each small detail

paula catao a dit…

The books become really fantastic... they are very inspiring, indeed!

Paula( magic fly paula)

lilie-melo a dit…

Oh Paula,
It's nice to read you like them.
I was so happy to give them to the children and to see how happy they were to be part of this project.
As I went back to their school, many of them told me they will do some more books, they had already ideas and stories ready... I like to imagine these books...

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