I took these pictures on Friday afternoon. I was driving along the sea-side and had to stop the car and walk to the beach because of the mysterious glow I could only guess from the road. I hadn't seen the snow which fell during the night and melt before I went to the sea... but beneath a blanket of dark sky the water occured to have the most intriguing swimming-pool blue tone. I stayed there for a long while till my finger were burned by chill wind. Then, I went back to the ordinary traffic jam with a splendid red nose and a very happy mood all the same.

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la casita a dit…

Bonsoir!what an amazing view...ahhh, I know that sea, when I lived in Genova I used to go to south France quite often, so lovely. You must had a deep breath there out of the traffic jam. Really nice drawing!

lilie-melo a dit…

bonjour la casita :)
Oh, I don't know Genova, I've just been at the french side of the lake, and Zurich... I found it very beautiful!
Walking by the water is always a good way to evacuate stressful feeling and very relaxing after spending hours carrying too many stuff... These days, I'm helping my mother for her moving and it's a huge work !
Thank you for my drawing, it's nice to have your feedback here.

Have a nice day !

paula catao a dit…

I could spend hours looking at the sea....and your illustration is beautiful*

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