trees, birds and light

Even during bad days, these elements have the power to bring me some faint joy feeling.
they are like intangibles friends...
In the other side, the mails I've got recently are filled with warmth and very cheerful to me.
the superb photoduet with the tree is from Jelens, it's even more beautiful in person !
...and my friend Paula sent me...
one handmade notebook, one bird, and some stars from her magic world.
Thank you so much !
Have the sweetest day everyone !
I like the work of Denise Schatz,
"I thought of you" especially !

3 commentaires:

paula catao a dit…

oh, I'm glad it arrived safely!!!
And Helena is a good friend and artist, I love her works.

lilie-melo a dit…

Paula, your letters are always surprising and filled with little bits of sunshines. Helena is a great photographer indeed and I'm very pleased she chose this photo for me !

Everbooks a dit…

Ohhhh! I haven´t saw that!:-)Thank you!..Happy spring, Lilie:-)

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