thank you !

As I was preparing Many many blank books and Many many collages elements for my workshops, it happened lucky events in my mailbox...
Please, Put your eyes on these lovely buttons and sweet drawings in the first picture !!!
But, I'm so terribly confused... In my messy workspace I just didn't find where could have been the envelop with the name and address of the kind sender... There's nothing written on the pictures back so I can't even spell the name of the person who sent it to me ! Be sure,Lady, they made me truly happy, and thank you so much, for this nice sending !!!
Ohlala, It really was like christmas !
I still received one beautiful parcel which came from Brasil. It's an amazing and colorful collage from analu prestes. How nice ! Thank you for sending me such an incredible work !
Then, can you believe it ?
A joyful painting from Elsa Araya came to my house whose name is "the nest"
You see, it seems it found the right place to be and I'm the happiest...
Thanks for such a
...Blissss !
Ahh Girls... your warm colors enchanted my day!

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la casita a dit…

oh I would like to participate in one of your workshop. So lucky you received so many goodies ;)
thanks for visiting and leave that lovely comment on my place...ciao

lilie-melo a dit…

bonjour "la casita"
Indeed, it would be nice to have such a friendly gathering on a workshop !
and yes, I'm pretty lucky to have received so many treats from all around the world. this really makes me happy.
I discovered your place by Ana and you were really kind about the print I've sent to her as well !
I'm glad to see you here and to have the chance to visit your nice universe... see you soon :)

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