Thank you Ana !!!
How I enjoyed to observe for a while this enticing translucency
in the morning light !
This is the envelop I found in my mailbox.
An awesome volcano popped into my eyes...
It's a daily adventure To check my mails theses days !
Now I see volcanos everywhere... Look at the tiny one I found on the beach :)
these sea-side peeks are from last the week-end while I was going to the book fair in Roquebrune.
It's where I spent two days under the huge tent by the sea. What a nice fresh breathe to begin long days in a crowded space.
I like this children collection a lot, it's a pity mine are not small enough now... They grew up too fast!

4 commentaires:

karin a dit…

That volcano is just gorgeous. Where you spent your days at that book fair sounds like heaven to me. Ah, the sea!!

paula catao a dit…

It's good to see what you are doing these days... spending some hours in a book fair looks to be great.. specially in this beautiful place!!!

.naa. a dit…

Oh, I am so happy you like it! Thank you for this kind post! *
Have fun!

lilie-melo a dit…

Indeed Karin, this drawing is totally awesome and although the sea were so appealling in the morning, I hadn't time to stroll over during these days.
Paula, thanks, it's always a nice place to be, I've met many intersting people there, and found a lot of inspiration.
Ana, you know I enjoy your work and how I love this volcano !
Have a wonderful christmas ladies :)

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