How are you ?
I saw so many things in my little Italian trip.
Sienna was the most enchanting town to me...
well, Pisa was not bad either... and the landscapes,were as they, somehow,had escaped old paintings.
I'll show you later how lush and quaint it was.
Before I have some pictures of our adventurous road trip...
I was really deceived to have to leave already. Finally, the way back to Nice was really diverting.
Snow in french Riviera is very unexpected and choked the cars in a pretty mess.
The snowfalls we had on the highway were supernatural on the palm trees...
and under our wheels without tire chains too !
We were happy to be back
 and to discover our white yard
 even if it was freezing inside home as well !

2 commentaires:

maria a dit…

looks supernatural indeed! wow..crazy.

lilie-melo a dit…

Hi Maria, thanks for your visit here :)
Yes, how fun ! it was the first time I saw so much swow here, it's stunning how everything is suddenly thrown into confusion as soon as there are some snowflakes here !

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