There were some great and inspiring books in the flat,
 they were sharing our breakfast before finding out our destination.
We had a stroll along "marble drawings" in Sienna.
It was quite incredible.
Fred was wearing matching shoes...
 But it was so cold instead of the happy-shiny-sunny afternoon 
 that he got pretty frozen feet !
luckily there was some delicious cappuccino to warm us up.
Kids prefered to drink fresh lemonade... they probably are living in another dimension !

wishing you all a bright day !

2 commentaires:

nicky peacock a dit…

i love yr blog lilie!
so happy to find you.

everything you do is so beautiful...

kind regards,
nicky peacock
aka. stringbeanjean/princess die

lilie-melo a dit…

Dear Nicky
Yay, my favourite princess visiting me on this little place, I'm the happiest !
you're way too sweet you know !

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