A walk in the Renoir's garden.


The most incredible olive trees, he chose to live there because of them.
Spring flavoured daisies.
It was a breathing parenthesis... grey is back
How is your week-end ?

Chie Mihara creates such wonderful shoes !

3 commentaires:

paula catao a dit…

Beautiful garden... I miss long walks in nature but we had bad weather all this weekend; yesterday strong winds, today, rain, rain and the start of a flood in the river Douro.
I miss the sun*

alexandria a dit…

That is the coolest tree trunk and you found daisies! Loveliness in these photographs!

lilie-melo a dit…

Ooops, Paula it's seems the rain is back here as well... but we have some spring flowers slightly blooming to be patient !

Alexandria, These trunks were having real character, as if, somehow, each of them was telling about its own individual nature...and yay for daisies !

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