It was a fresh and bright week-end like an air splash.
walks, healthy food with juice from my yard's oranges, fruits, homebaked bread,
 many coffee breaks in my beloved though broken mug, doodles... well, maybe too much coffee breaks !
concert in the kitchen with Fred and his new toy while I was
rearranging some of my favourite postcards under the table glass.
 In an opposite side of this personnal close-up,
 I'm hearing about new disasters everywhere, about severe earthquake and killer tempests.
it makes me feel bad thinking of all these people.
I should say, the sun here seems a bit surreal.

music for today and further, I regret I've never seen them on stage !
 The organ

5 commentaires:

alexandria a dit…

Such a fun song!

lilie-melo a dit…

Hello, Alexandria, nice to see you here !
Hmm, I don't know if I would say fun ;)
These girls were so good together, it's really a pity their band split up !

amber a dit…

I admit it: I love your blog. I love the tiny details and visual intimacies--your photos always so real and beautiful. Thank you!

paula catao a dit…

you have time to made bread. Lucky you!!!

lilie-melo a dit…

dear Amber, thank you for such kind words !

Paula, Hmmm, I made it with a machine, not so much time ;)

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