Some greens and a small painting
spring color week  began yesterday on poppytalk...
 Ooops I missed the pink it seems !
Let's have rainbow fun yet

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paula catao a dit…

greens, yellows, reds, pinks, blues,all the colours of happiness!

hearblack. a dit…

what a great blog, really glad to have found it.
the fourth photo is incredible, and i also like your blog header... creative

have a good one,


when skies are grey a dit…

Such nice pictures of greens here. I love the warmer tones of green too :)

lilie-melo a dit…

Paula, yes they are lively colors

Hi Nate, thank you so much !
It's really nice to hear, I truly enjoy yours and your springy graceful mood

whenskiesaregrey, thanks, I had good time with this colors week, it was interesting to look around this way, especially for the greens at this cheerful period.

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