Wednesday color reminds me
 my father in law and what he told me once 
although he's not actually talking so much...
Few years ago, his treasures box he had when he was a child was lost.
 He was collecting inside some amber and small bits.
 he had found them on the baltic sea in Riga
 where he was spending his summers.
these little fossils are like his missing childhood
 but are even more present now in his memory.
He knows he won't go back to Riga and they can't be replaced.
... Anyhow they still having
 a warming and delicate flush in his mind.

Wishing you all a day having a special glow and vitality.
Maybe some saffron food...
 an amber touch and a delightful golden light.

2 commentaires:

paula catao a dit…

collecting things always makesus travel again to places we have visited. Even we can travel in time , only looking to some objects, books and special things*

lilie-melo a dit…

That's it literally, perhaps that's why I'm keeping way too much objects around me, each one is an evocation...

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