Ehoh spring !

actually waiting for it imperiously.
 feeling all effervescent.

this waves dress would fit perfectly to my mood
it's from Sandrina Fasoli

4 commentaires:

gracia a dit…

Nothing like a much-needed change of season, is there? I am welcoming autumn coolness with open arms. Farewell summer days.

lilie-melo a dit…

hi Gracia !
Yes, you're right I've seen many post about spring.
Perhaps, that's because winter seems really harsh and endless on this year.
I can understand your surprise from your side... I'm the same when I'm waiting for fall after a too long burning summer.
It's always engaging to observe the signs of an imminent change of time and entering into new rythmes.

paula catao a dit…

we are all waiting for spring*

lilie-melo a dit…

... Paula, even more than this !

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