Le soleil brille...

In spite of the rain smell today,
 it's still shimmering all around...
 as I'm always keeping my own sunrays with me.
I had bright moments lately, very shiny...
I could read the book of J-P toussaint I had at my bed side for a while
I was wholly enthralled till I finished it.
Hehe, How fun google research could  turn out...
 looking for the english title of the novel,
 I found a... well how should I say...
 rather strange promotionnal video for it !
But don't hesitate it really worth it.

I had many time to draw freely with ink
 which really made me feel good.

We made the most incredible soft bread
with kamut and porridge oats from a swedish recipe.
 I found on this very inspiring food blog.
I had a twinkling lunch with Gini and Anouki in a tiny bio restaurant in Nice. 
And I had fun moment with Regis as we
 discovered we've got some intriguing shared memories
from our childhood in the same little town.

Let's see which beam of light will bring the end of the week...
 Have a dazzling one !

2 commentaires:

jolayne a dit…

beautiful words and images xojolayne

lilie-melo a dit…

oh thanks Jolayne, it's nice to see you passing by here ^^

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