trying out to catch the ephemeral

... fragments from my curious eye.
What I like the most in this little blog space
 is how the pictures are engaging in informal dialogues
 and sometimes happily enhance each other.
Have an imaginative day.

4 commentaires:

paula catao a dit…

It's hard to cath the ephemere, but anyway we try. With a photo, with a drawing. Memories are always there and they came in flashes, one day we see something, one flower or a bird and a memory gets out. The ephemere is part of our lives, part of our gestures.

Ritva a dit…

beautiful- love that blue!

karin a dit…

Yes, that's nice. Dialogues and imagination. Happy day to you, Lilie!

lilie-melo a dit…

yes, Paula that's what's makes the savour of each moment. I think hapiness is in each tiny element of our days even during the worst ones.
Thanks Ritva, this blue is like a springy promise.
Hello, Karin, have a good day !

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