wonder season

I was away for a while
 and I'd like to thank all of you kind people who passed by here
 and wrote me some mails or comments, I'll write soon !
Since dim light is a memory I'm spending my days out from the screen as soon sa possible !
 This post is like a way of lining the silhouette of this time of the year...
Shades, high contrasts, stripes, warm colors, sunny decay, happy encounters.
Even an ordinary walk gets a kind festive mood.
Doesn't anything and everything look more promising ?
... And among these sunrays... yay...
 the project I was working on with a speech therapist was accepted by the editor.
let's go to work now !
Have a jubilant day !

3 commentaires:

Make it Easy a dit…

thank you for visiting my blog!!! you have a nice blog too with great photos!

paula catao a dit…

love the little bird!

la casita a dit…

beautiful...enjoy "la bella stagione!"

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