Hi, hope you're fine !
I'm totally busy working on digital drawings from pencil sketches.
Some of them are for an on going project with a speech therapist, I'll show you some peeks soon.
Again... not much time to visit your nice blog spaces
and what's you've been up to !
I'm having a little break by here, while drinking a cup of coffee.
well... too much coffee daily but I can't help it...
 I bought some japanese tea and planted some mint,
 I will have a try  to change my beverage routine.
Few springy moments of these days...
I've been choosing three novels at once in my favorite bookstore.
We had our first evening meals in the backyard
(with many mosquitos friends ! )
...then, our first lemongrass smell 
I climbed many times onto cherry trees.
I'm really enjoying simple pleasure of gardening...
feeling eager on each early morning to check out the sprouts
 of our freshly planted seeds. 
We're eating our own rose and vanilla yogurt 
homemade with organic milk.
...and our own whole wheat bread,
 trying out recipes with my girl who likes so much to knead dough.
Visit to my friends on a lazy day, having a long walk and perfect meal
 on the beach together.
First swim of the season into the sea...
Even my first sunburn made me strangely happy.
and the big storm which is beginning right now.
Bye for now
and see you soon on your screen space !

3 commentaires:

paula catao a dit…

Beautiful photos ,as usual... it's good to know you are doing new projects and you still have time to your "little things"

gracia a dit…

Yes, I agree... such beautiful images you have gathered in this post.

Happy drawing days to you.

Alice a dit…

Hi Lilie :)

your participation to A Home for Alice is finally online !!


WoaW one of the pretiest so far !!!
your photo is just heaven, the light is so warm and delicate, and your letter is adorable. i love your style.

thank you so much for being part of the project :D

all the best in your lovely home,


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