creative mess

Today, I spent few hours at my brother's studio. It's very small but filled with many things everywhere. EAch time I feel very curious and look at every corner.
I made the drawing of the girl below for him, he showed me the amazing hat he draw especially for her. I really like that touch, don't you think it suits perfectly ! Maybe the beginning of a collaboration, who knows ?

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la casita a dit…

I like the creative mess and the hat is just perfect!

lilie-melo a dit…

ahah, though it were not so practical to work in this place, there's some poetry created by unexpected match. I like when my drawings get new life, this "extra add-on" was a nice surprise

karin a dit…

Oh, how I like this space. Really.
Your drawing cooperation is just perfect.
Have a merry Christmas!

lilie-melo a dit…

Karin, My brother experiments lead him to abstraction, I'm really into figurative drawings. I think this duo he proposes could be rather interesting by its contrasted worlds.
wishing you sweetest holidays!

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