some more little bits

How it felt...
long time ago it seems already !
I had friends and family at home
 all these days since I'm back.
It was nice to see them despite of the rainy days all along...
I cooked a lot for huge tables,
 I baked some cakes and bread.
We had umbrellas walks, long talks, many good meals,
 some good wine, music exchanges...
Some of them are leaving today,
 my nephews are still sleeping...
I'm here, lingering into my little trip pictures
 and have a quick blogs stroll
 instead of answering my emails... Ooops!
see you soon !

5 commentaires:

Ritva a dit…

you have a nice place here!
it was a pleasure to look around :)

see you!

paula catao a dit…

It looks you had great moments with your family!!

lilie-melo a dit…

Hello Ritva, I truly enjoyed visiting yours as well ^^

Paula, indeed today is my first quiet day since I'm back. So many things to do, I don't know how to begin... oh well, I really should be somewhere else than musing along blogs now ;)

Fine Little Day a dit…

What an honour to see my pillow cover at your lovely place :)!

lilie-melo a dit…

hehe, Elisabeth, my daughter wanted to take it with her in the car for our journey to Italy... your pillow is a traveller !

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